pawprint Tips for Pet Owners pawprint

  1. Before traveling out of the Bishop area, have a talk with your pet's veterinarian about the potential of your pet contracting heartworms where you're visiting.
  2. Starting a regular routine of brushing your pet's teeth will keep them healthy and help you detect problems.
  3. Getting your pets on vitamins, young or old, is a good way to keep them healthy and avoid visits to the doc! Visit the NuVet Labs website for more information. My own pets have really benefitted from their vitamins.
  4. Foxtails, burrs and ticks are a nuisance during the spring and summer months. Check your pets over thoroughly after walks in the fields and swims in streams and ponds.
  5. Be extra careful during extreme temperatures that your pets are protected against the hazards of hot vehicles, anti-freeze, sidewalks and pavement that can burn their feet. Always have enough water to keep them hydrated during all seasons.
  6. FAQ - How often should I have my dog groomed? Breed clips or a favorite mutt clip should be done every 6 - 8 weeks.
  7. Value your pets as they are a bundle of love, bring happiness into your life and can even contribute to better health for yourself.