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Specializing in making your pet feel special!

Grooms are from nose to hiney and everything in between.

Bath Time

Services Include:

  1. Complete brush-out
  2. Nails & pads trimmed
  3. Sanitary Clip
  4. Eye wash/protection during bath
  5. Teeth brushed & ears cleaned
  6. Massage during bath
  7. Anal glands expressed
  8. Finishing scented spritz
  9. Bows & barrettes

Price based on condition of coat, weight and temperament of the pet.

Fluff and Buff - Short or Long Coat
Small $20 - $35
Medium $40 - $55
Full Body Strips - Starting From:
Small $40
Medium $50
Lhasa Grooming
Breed Cuts - Starting From:
Small $45
Medium $50
Clean feet done on a pet is an extra $5 on top of starting price.

March - October is Tick Season!

Get $5 off your next service, for referrals that book appointments!